Build And Train

Established in February 2021 as a non-profit organization, the founders of Build and Train are enthusiastic youths who aim to work with, and for the community along with those who share the same purview. Since its establishment, Build and Train has been actively delivering a range of training programs designed for undergraduate students and recent graduates. Initially centered around civil engineering software, our training portfolio has expanded to cover diverse areas within science and technology, with a special emphasis on research methodologies.

Build and Train is unwavering in its dedication to nurturing skills, enhancing employability, and promoting educational advancement. Our comprehensive service offerings include specialized software training, targeting essential engineering tools to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical industry skills. Additionally, we conduct research writing training sessions, prioritizing accessible learning through a thorough exploration of research methods and effective writing skills.


She Leads

The self-paced program consists of two modules designed to be completed over a three-week period. Participants have the flexibility to progress through the modules at their own pace. The program covers leadership and vision mapping in the first module, emphasizing qualities of effective leadership and the importance of visioning. The second module focuses on strategic task prioritization and execution planning, introducing the Eisenhower Matrix and providing guidance on detailed execution plans. Registration is open for individuals seeking a flexible and comprehensive learning experience in these key areas.


Software Trainings

Elevate your career with our specialized ETABS and AUTOCAD training at Build and Train. Our courses, free and paid, empower 300+ students, bridging academia and industry needs. Experience a transformative learning journey, beginning with an impactful 5-day free ETABS training. Join us to enhance your skills in civil engineering.


Research Writing

Delivered training to 700+ students and graduates on research methods and writing through free and affordable sessions. Covering diverse aspects, our commitment to accessibility is evident, ensuring learners from various backgrounds benefit from valuable skills in research and effective writing.


Resume Writing

Trained over 50 professionals and graduates in creating effective CVs from an employer's perspective. Our training modules delved into the intricacies of showcasing one's qualifications and experiences effectively, enhancing the chances of securing meaningful employment opportunities.


Study Abroad Talk Show

Conducting informative sessions on top universities' application processes and studying abroad experiences, Build and Train demystifies complexities. Our aim is to empower aspiring students, ensuring they embark on educational journeys with confidence. These sessions inspire individuals to strive for excellence in their academic pursuits, providing both knowledge and motivation.


Research and Development

Build and Train has been actively conducting surveys with our training program graduates to assess the skills they have acquired and gauge the impact these skills have had on their employability. Collaborative efforts with institutions like clubs from IOE Pulchowk Campus and Avocado Education (formerly Institute of Abroad Studies Nepal) has expanded Build and Train's impact.


Future Initiatives

With the requested funding, we plan to broaden our impact by offering coding and computer science education to underprivileged students in government schools. We are dedicated to improving employability and fostering local innovation, and this initiative aligns with our long-term vision of creating a more inclusive and tech-savvy society.

Mission and Vision

In response to the evolving demands of the digital era, our organization is dedicated to imparting coding knowledge to students, acknowledging its pivotal role in today's world. Our forward-looking vision entails the establishment of an EdTech platform, delivering courses in both English and Nepali. This inclusive platform will be accessible to all, not only offering employment opportunities but also equipping individuals to be job-ready in the swiftly changing job market. With a commitment to inclusivity, the founders of Build and Train envision creating an ecosystem that empowers every learner, fostering employability, productivity, and resilience. Furthermore, they possess a profound comprehension of the evolving job market and the pivotal role played by digital skills. Their close collaboration with the management spans activities such as proposal writing, hiring processes, and the holistic advancement of the organization.

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Meet The Team

Er. Manaswi Poudel

( Co-founder )

Er. Manaswi Poudel, co-founder of Build and Train, holds a Master's in Civil and Structural Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA. Her academic excellence shapes the organization's educational initiatives, emphasizing both technical skills and employability. Manaswi envisions an ecosystem at Build and Train that enhances learners' resilience and productivity in the evolving job market.


Er.Sneha Sanjel

( Co-founder )

Er. Sneha Sanjel, co-founder of Build and Train, brings a unique perspective to the organization with her academic background in Disaster Risk Management. Completed a Master's degree from Tribhuvan University, Nepal, Sneha actively shapes programs, preparing learners for real-world challenges. Her role in proposal writing, hiring processes, and overall development reflects a commitment to building a comprehensive educational ecosystem.


Er. Manjari Poudel

( General Manager )

Er. Manjari Poudel, a civil engineering graduate from Tribhuvan University, Nepal, is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Civil and Structural Engineering from North Carolina State University, USA. She brings extensive experience from her work with UNDP and UN Volunteer. Since Build and Train's inception in Feb 2021, she has played a crucial role as the General Manager.


Dikshya Lamichhane

( IT Head )

Dikshya Lamichhane, presently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering at Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, and joining Build and Train in January 2023. Dikshya effectively manages our social media presence, digital marketing and website development.


Sachin Siwakoti

( Legal Department Head )

Sachin Siwakoti, a master's graduate from Kathmandu School of Law, is not only a legal practitioner but also an Assistant Professor at Kathmandu School of Law.He has acquired various training nationally and internationally. Since the organization's establishment in 2021, he has overseen all legal matters.


Sarthak Bhattarai

( Intern )

Sarthak Bhattarai, presently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Infomatics Collage, Pokhara, and joining Build and Train in August 2023. Sarthak effectively managed backend including Java and nodejs

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